Field Artillery Musical Tattoo & Recipients

One of the oldest and most revered military traditions is the Tattoo—a musical tribute to honor a truly remarkable Field Artilleryman who has served in a truly outstanding standard.

The United States Field Artillery Association is the only professional military association that still executes the Musical Tattoo. For the past 38 years, the Field Artillery Association has recognized excellence through this prestigious format. Each year the Musical Tattoo is conducted in concert with our general membership meeting. Below is a list of individuals who have received this coveted honor and distinction. Click on an indivdual's name to read their story. 

1984 - General Donald R. Keith, U.S. Army

1985 - General Walter T. Kerwin, Jr., U.S. Army

1986 - Lieutenant General David E. Ott, U.S. Army

1987 - General Jack N. Merritt, U.S. Army

1988 - Major General Charles P. Brown, U.S. Army

1989 - General Maxwell R. Thurman, U.S. Army

1990 - General Berton E. Spivy, U.S. Army

1991 - General Carl E. Vuono, U.S. Army

1991 - Major General Raphael J. Hallada, U.S. Army

1992 - Lieutenant General Willard W. Scott, U.S. Army

1993 - Lieutenant General Richard G. Trefry, U.S. Army

1994 - Command Sergeant Major Henry J. Goodwin, U.S. Army

1996 - Lieutenant General Robert H. Forman, U.S. Army

1998 - Major General Ansel M. Stroud, Jr., U.S. Army

1999 - General Dennis J. Reimer, U.S. Army

2001 - General J.H. Binford Peay III, U.S. Army

2002 - General Tommy R. Franks, U.S. Army

2003 - General John W. Vessey, Jr., U.S. Army

2006 - Lieutenant General John A. Dubia, U.S. Army

2007 - Major General Vernon B. Lewis, Jr., U.S. Army

2008 - Lieutenant General Wilson A. ‘Dutch’ Shoffner, U.S. Army

2009 - Lieutenant General John S. Crosby, U.S. Army

2010 - Major General Leo J. Baxter, U.S. Army

2011 - Lieutenant General Michael L. Dodson, U.S. Army

2012 - Command Sergeant Major Anthony J. Williams, U.S. Army

2013 - Lieutenant General William J. Lennox, U.S. Army

2014 - Lieutenant General George J. Flynn, U.S. Marine Corps

2015 - Lieutenant General David P. Valcourt, U.S. Army

2016 - Lieutenant General Randall L. Rigby, U.S. Army

2018 - Lieutenant General Richard P. Formica, U.S. Army

2019 - Lieutenant General Joseph E. Defrancisco, U.S. Army

2021 - Major General Mark A. Graham, U.S. Army

2021 - Lieutanant General Joseph Weber, U.S. Marine Corps