Legends of the Field Artillery 

Throughout history, one simple fact remains clear: the value of a military force lies in the quantity and the quality of its Artillery. No other branch of service is regarded so highly, no other has such a long and proud history, no other has produced such a high quality of leaders. No military force can long survive without an Artillery Branch of Service. 

As Artillerymen we are a unique breed. Our colors are red and yellow. We celebrate and seek the affection of Saint Barbara. We recognize the devotion and fighting spirit of Molly Pitcher. We recognize our final resting place as Fiddlers Green. We tend to be a little rowdy and our social gatherings are usually the most popular, because there truly is not a party without “Arty”. We are distinct from the other combat arms.  It is important to retain these traditions and practice them routinely so they are never lost nor forgotten.

Field Artillery Legends


The Legend of Saint Barbara 


The Story of Molly Pitcher


Fiddler's Green


Story of the Nickname RedLeg