2022 FA Symposium Sessions

State of the Field Artillery: with BG Andrew Preston, Chief of the Field Artillery

The Strategic Environment: with MG (R) Bill Hix

Accompaning Slides for The Strategic Environment

A Commander's Perspective, What the Corps / Division Requires from the Field Artillery: with LTG John Kolasheski

Accompaning Slides for the Commanders Perspective

Fighting Division Fires: with Moderator MG (R) Richard Longo and Panel Members: MG (R) Tom Richardson (Sustainment), MG (R) Bob Walters, BG (R) Bill Weber, COL Rory Crooks, COL (R) Rich Creed (CAC), and COL Doug Winton (USAWC).

Integration of Joint Fires with Moderator: with Moderator MajGen(R) Zobrist (Air Force) and Panel Members: MG Stephen Maranian, Col (R) Pete Donnelley (ALO Background), COL Adam Shelton (USAF), COL Dave Lee (AMDTC), Col Derek Roberson (USMC), and COL Don Brooks (Army Space). 

Field Artillery Leader Development and Talent Management: with moderator MG (R) Al Shoffner (former FCoE CG) and Panel Members: COL (R) Matt Stader, COL Dan Blackmon (434th CDR), CW5 Rolando Rios (CWOB) and COL Neil Morgan (428th CDR)

Field Artillery Modernization: with Moderator MG (R) Brian McKiernan (Cypress) and Panel Members Dr. Tom Karako (CSIS), COL Cobb Laslie, (LRPF CFT), BG Pat Gaydon (AFC), Mr. Matt Merrick (CDID), COL (R) Will McDonough (GDOTS), and Col (R) Tracy Banister (Leidos)

Accompaning Slides for Field Artillery Modernization

Defense (FA) Industry Update: with MG Ken Kamper, Commanding General, Fires Center of Excellence.  

Training the Artillery for Large Scale Combat Operations: with Moderator: CSM (R) Anthony Williams (BAE) and Panel Members: COL Bryan Babich (MCTP), COL (R) Tom Torrance, CSM JonPaul Zappola, CW03 Molina (MARDET), CSM Michael Seefeld (ARNG)