FA Journal Submission Guidelines

What to Submit:

What to Submit:
Article submissions do not have to agree with current doctrine, official
policy or approved techniques or procedures. Ask yourself how the topic is
going to help the artillery community. Only unclassified information can be
published in the FAJ. Articles must promote safe techniques and procedures.
Be accurate, logical and complete in your writing. Submissions must be
clearly written with an evident thesis, no more than 2500 words. Strive to
educate, not impress. A message is most clear when written in simple language, an abundance of adjectives, adverbs and words that the reader will have to look-up detracts from the message. If possible please include
graphics, charts or photographs as separate attached documents to supplement your article.

Preferred Topics:

  • Counter-fire at the DIV/Corps Level
  • Targeting
  • Training at homestation for LSCO
  • Fires Support Issues within the EUCOM/PACOM AOR

All submissions must be emailed to Director@fieldartillery.org with the subject line FAJ Article Submission. Please email submission in an attached word doc format. DO NOT place images or graphics in to the word document, send them as attachments in .jpeg, .png, .pdf, or .eps files. Include footnotes where  appropriate, though we may not publish them with the article. Also include a short biography, highlighting the experience that makes you credible as an author on that subject. Include your name, email address, and phone number so that we may contact you with follow-up questions. 

The USFAA Staff reserves the right to edit an article and put it in the magazines style and format. If you have questions on themes, subject matter or publication deadlines, please call 580-355-4677.