Army division artillery headquarters moved from JBLM to South Korea permanently

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Army division artillery headquarters moves from JBLM to Soutuh Korea permanently

by Todd South

Col. David Pasquale and Command Sgt. Maj. Patrick Whitetree, the command team of the 2nd Infantry Division Artillery, case their unit colors, Sept. 8, 2021, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. (Army

The division artillery headquarters of the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division began its permanent move from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, to Camp Humphreys, South Korea with a color casing ceremony Wednesday. The Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion includes about 100 soldiers, according to an Army release. The move is part of a larger realignment of forces and the unit will continue its mission as a field artillery headquarters for South Korean and U.S. forces there.

“While our teammates on JBLM are many and our memories plentiful, we turn the page to the next chapter. So, let us celebrate the closing of this chapter as the (Division Artillery) goes marching along to its new home, where new teammates, new memories, and new challenges await,” said Col. David Pasquale, 2nd DIVARTY commander, during the ceremony.

The move is one piece of a larger puzzle in which the Army is moving from a Brigade Combat Team-centric maneuver force to shifting the pivot point of fighting to the division and corps level, top Army officials have said in recent years. This gives the service the ability to bring to bear large units and capabilities, especially when looking to counter peer competitors such as the Russian and Chinese militaries.

The headquarters assists in the command and control of forces within the Republic of Korea-United States alliance.

There won’t be any additional artillery equipment headed to South Korea as part of this move, according to the release.

The 2nd ID DIVARTY was reactivated under the 7th Infantry Division at JBLM in 2014.

Article originally published in the Army Times: 9 Sept by Todd South ( )