US Field Artillery Hall of Fame

Criteria for Hall of Fame Nominee: Nominee may be a former field artilleryman or civilian, who has made significant, professional, or voluntary contributions to the Field Artillery branch over the course of at least 10 years or a singular action(s) that have positively impacted the branch or nation. Nominee can no longer be serving in the military.

  1. Nominee may have performed remarkable actions such as a Medal of Honor recipient or contributed in multiple capacities over their life.
  2. Nominee consideration also may consist of performing outstanding civilian public service and/or patriotic service over the course of many years including, for example: civic work, significant fundraising for military programs, service to veterans, projects helping the disabled, community improvements, or leadership positions, etc. 

Each nomination requires a summary of nominee accomplishments, a detailed narrative, and any supporting documents. Please see examples at the links below. 


Officer, Warrant Officer, or NCO Summarized Accomplishments EXAMPLE

Civilian Or Volunteer Summarized Accomplishments EXAMPLE

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Each nominator may nominate more than one person as long as they do not fall in the same category (General Officer, Field Grade, Company Grade, Warrant Officer, CSM, NCO, or Civilian)

Submissions for the Field Artillery Hall of Fame will be from 1 Sept 2022 - 1 May 2023