The approval authority for the Ancient Order of Saint Barbara and the Esteemed Artillery Order of Molly Pitcher is the Commandant of the Field Artillery School at Fort Sill. The Commandant may approve, disapprove or downgrade the nomination to the Honorable Order of Saint Barbara or Artillery Order of Molly Pitcher. USMC nominations must be submitted through the Fort Sill MARDET Commander before submitting them to the Association. Ancient Order & Esteemed Molly Pitcher nominees must always have a Nomination Recommendation Letter and will be reviewed for approval by the FA Commandant.


The approval authorities for the Honorable Order are Field Artillery Colonels in current command. Field Artillery Lieutenant Colonels have approval authority where there is no Field Artillery Colonel in their immediate chain of command (e.g., Brigade Combat Teams of the Army National Guard). If you do not have an Approving Authority (FA 06 or above currently in command), or for National Guard, FA 05 or above, a Nomination Recommendation Letter must be submitted for all Honorable and Molly Pitcher nominees to be approved by the FA Commandant’s Office. Please submit to the Association office first with write-up memos attached. The Association will then route it through the proper channels.


All nominees (Ancient Order, Honorable Order, Esteemed and Molly Pitcher) must be current members of the United States Field Artillery Association. Molly Pitcher nominees are not required to purchase a membership if their spouse is a current member in good standing. Any nominee who is not a current member may purchase a membership at


If you have an Approving Authority and are ready to submit the award packet, you may submit your forms via the website with a credit card payment. We do not need the Recommendation Letter if you have an approving authority in command. Once packet is reviewed, we will contact you to let you know an estimated date of delivery.


All award packets must be postmarked 30 days or more prior to the presentation date to avoid late fees. Those postmarked within 30 days of presentation will be accessed a 25% late fee per award and those postmarked within 2 weeks of presentation will add 50% late fee per award. You may also be accessed a shipping fee due to the required turnaround time for delivery.


If you have questions or concerns about your awards packet, please do not hesitate to contact the USFAA National Headquarters at (580) 355-4677 or email: We are here to serve you and want to make this a pleasant experience.