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Dr. Edward W. Meads II

Dr. Edward W. Meads II


Professional Bio

I became an artillery officer in 1982 transferring from as a an AG officer with the 63rd ARCOM HQ. I was really lucky I started forking directly in the G-1 shop under Major General Fragner ( who also personally commissioned me as second lieutenant my junior year in college. He himself was an old artillery officer himself. ) After graduating i knew I was not a going to be a good match for the Army in the AG. So I went to General Fragner asked for a transfer to the artillery and well the rest is history.
While on active duty had some what I would call very exciting and important assignments. My first assignment was that of an Excutive officer in a in a battery of a one unit station station training unit. Its a 13 week course instead of the basic of only 8 weeks.
Then I left that assignment and began my work that basically set the tone for the rest of my life's work ( teaching ), I was assigned to become an instructor in the artillery school. I absolutely loved it! I excelled at it! In my instructor training class, I graduated top of the the class with the score somewhere if I remember around 99 percent. They only gave certifications back then and secondary MOS Identifiers, now i understand they even have a badge showing your rating. Thats great for our your troops. I spent the bulk of my career Active / IMA / RESERVES / IRR teaching and training and loved every minute of it . I tried one day to count how many I was responsible for for there training, l lost track in the thousands. I like to think I had some effect on our demise and prepardness against our major adversaries, RUSSIA, etc and Communism at large.
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