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The United States Field Artillery Association was founded in 1910 by Major John E. McMahon, Captain William Snow and Captain W.S. McNair, to promote the efficiency of the Field Artillery by maintaining its best traditions. 

Over 100 years later, the Association stands strong as the only  professional organization that serves the Field Artillery branch of the military. 

The USFAA membership body is made up of Soldiers, Marines, Reservists, National Guardsmen, civilians, DOD employees, our Allies, historical re-enactors, corporate executives and politicians. We are a Total-Branch association.  

Christopher Retsch
United States Army - 2 (703)647-0254
1 Year Membership
Richard W Williamson
Lifetime Membership
Hunter Roessler
5 Year Membership
Matthew Hernandez
5 Year Membership
Michael David Edwards
1 Year Membership
Patrick B Hartzel
5 Year Membership
Aaron R Brown
1 Year Membership
John Whaling
5 Year Membership
Robert P Hale
Lifetime Membership
Christopher L Shields
Lifetime Membership
Todd Leon Thomas
1 Year Membership
Kevin P Byrnes
Lifetime Membership
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